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Olive Rustic Roll 130g (6-Pack) - Wild Breads

Olive Rustic Roll 130g (6-Pack)

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Flavour profile

A large rustic shaped sourdough roll flavoured with Olive and Rosemary. This roll has a mild sour flavour and a slightly chewy texture characteristic of good Sourdough with Olive and Rosemary for added flavour.


Wheat Flour (Thiamine, Folic Acid), Water, Sourdough Leaven (18.7%) (Wheat Flour [Thiamin, Folic Acid], Water, Wheat germ), Rye Meal, Olive Halves (4.2%), Cultured Rice Flour, Iodised Salt, Yeast, Dried Rosemary (0.2%), Bread Improver (Wheat).


Contains: Wheat, Rye, Gluten
May Contain: Egg, Milk, Sesame, Tree nuts, Olive Pits

Country of origin:

Made in Australia from at least 89% Australian ingredients